Wednesday, 23 May 2012

writing an essay...

halluu halluu halluu...semua, pekabo la kome2 diluar sana ye..arap2 sehat n gumbira la hendak nye yerk.. :)

this is third day zara wit her car fa she more comfortable with her car seat..siap landing n feeling2 cam nk tdo je bila dia kat dlm tu..thanks GOD, dia xbyk ragam wlaupon pg td dia muntah susu..(overload)

ok back to the topic td tu intro jek..keh3..

an essay, tajuk dia about myself..kacang giler kan tp bila nk wat essay in english..dia jadi kacang tu susah nk telan susah nk makan..huk~

tula aku..mmg sgt lemah english..tapi de ati nk further master..puuiii!! TAPI pedulik apa aku kan..aku yg nk stdy bukan korang..ahakz~..hahahaha!!

ok alkesah nyer aku nk sambung master MBA, so nk kena wat essay about mmg susah lakan kalu dh english ko dlu dpt 6 jek.huk~tp xpe akal Allah beri tukberfikir gimana cara nk solve perkara2 aku cri pendekatan mudah...guna tuk bantu aku..yeeaahhh!! SETEL!!

tapi xsetel lagi gak coz tetiba azam dtg bwk ink printer...aarrgghhh!!ilang mud nk wat essay coz tepaksa la saya setelkan filing saya dulu yerk..addoiiyyaa~

"I've been known to drift; go through different phases. Growing up I always perceived this aspect of myself as a hindrance of sorts. While I would observe my friends and peers continuing different specific pursuits, I was struggling to find things I liked enough to stick with. What I ceased to realize until recently, though, was that with each new interest and its subsequent failure to sustain my absorption, I was defining myself. In today's world there are so many different fields of interest, and I think it a shame that we are traditionally exposed to so little of them. I perceive there to be an underlying presence of ignorance in disregarding things without first experiencing them for yourself. In having participated in so many different activities, I'm confident that those to which I'm currently committed have naturally taken form with time and are of my true passions and talents."

Eric Hoffman

p/s:boleh gn kan sumber di atas x?nnt nk quote..hehehe..essay bout myself bk kena sampai quote2 ke erk???adehh!!

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bai baizura said...

selamatlah dlm membuat essay:))